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Master Your being

Reality can be anything you want

Are you a dreamer?


If you experience thoughts like:​

  • I don't love what I'm supposed to be doing

  • I don't know what to do and I'm getting older 

  • I can't find friends that think like me 

  • How can I help others?

  • This job is not for me and I should be somewhere else 

  • Other people are doing great things and I don't know where to go next 

  • Things should go faster so I can see the results 

I'm Benja, I help dreamers understand themselves so they can live their purpose and fall in love with life. 

if you are looking to love what you do in life while making money and feeling a deeper connection with yourself and the universe...

I can help

Find creativity within 

As humans we are creative beings, from crafting a sandwich to building a whole life, we are creative by nature

All of this is possible when you understand yourself and see life with your creative lenses 

Imagine a reality where you...

  • Feel that you are living your purpose

  • Know how to tackle any challenge

  • Feel ​like you are making more money than before 

  • Make new friends and deepen your connections

  • Receive creative ideas that will change your life 

  • Constantly see growth in your life. 

  • Help others

Develop your creativity and live your best life now

Get your Mayan Natal chart reading to come to a wider understanding of yourself and how you move through life

You can then choose if you want to work with me 1 on 1 and start tuning into your purpose and deepest potential, letting your ideas and creativity flow to have an amazing experience of life where you choose what you want to live

If you are ready to develop a deep understanding of yourself and fall in love with life...

Picture this:

One day you wake up and life seems to make sense. You realize you are in love with what you do, creating a passive income and finding joy and success in every moment. 

This could be as real as you want it to be 

Join me on a free discovery call and ill show you how.

Megan Le

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When I started my life coaching with Benja, I was in a dark, but hopeful place. I had so many problems and so many thoughts going through my mind. I wasn’t sure where to start but I knew that Benja could help me start somewhere, and he did. Benja helped me see clarity through situations that were troubling me by asking me constantly, why? why? why? and i would always have to dig deeper to understand myself. I was given some journal prompts to write about, given techniques to reorganize my thoughts in the morning and focus in on general ideas so I could manage my time better. As we neared the end of our sessions, I had less and less to say to Benja because I was able to view my problems and life itself differently. An important lesson he taught me was that although we can’t go back and change events that happened, we have the power of our mind to think of it differently. Nothing has to be bad, and that everything is a lesson to learn. Perspective is really everything, and we definitely control that. I’ve learned so much from Benja, he’s been nothing short of positive and supportive, I’m very appreciative for his time and patience with me, and I am very grateful that I have taken life coaching sessions with him.

Edgar Bernal

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This has been a incredible experience for me, I have completed the 3 month program which has been really helpful in so many ways, for example, during the sessions I worked things like, everthing starts within our mind and have control over the thoughts, set goals and dream big of whatever we want to accomplish and go through whatever is in my mind. I have changed my life starting with small steps which have lead me to big changes. All this things I have shared I'm still learning how understand 100% and applying it to my life and now I'm back for another 3 month program to keep going. Benjamin is a great life coach, very dedicated to help us grow in the best person we can be and accomplish what we want in life but everthing starts within ourselfs if we want a change in our life. I really recommend starting this sessions and having Benjamin as life coach, won't regret it.

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