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Change your thoughts, change your life


"When I started my life coaching with Benja, I was in a dark, but hopeful place. I had so many problems and so many thoughts going through my mind. I wasn’t sure where to start but I knew that Benja could help me start somewhere, and he did. Benja helped me see clarity through situations that were troubling me by asking me constantly, why? why? why? and i would always have to dig deeper to understand myself. I was given some journal prompts to write about, given techniques to reorganize my thoughts in the morning and focus in on general ideas so I could manage my time better. As we neared the end of our sessions, I had less and less to say to Benja because I was able to view my problems and life itself differently. An important lesson he taught me was that although we can’t go back and change events that happened, we have the power of our mind to think of it differently. Nothing has to be bad, and that everything is a lesson to learn. Perspective is really everything, and we definitely control that. I’ve learned so much from Benja, he’s been nothing short of positive and supportive, I’m very appreciative for his time and patience with me, and I am very grateful that I have taken life coaching sessions with him. "

Megan Le

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