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The Wavespell of the Skywalker: A 13-Day Forecast for Growth and awakening

Hey friends!

We hit the week off with the Wavespell of the Skywalker, a 13-day journey filled with exploration, expansion, and self-discovery.

This Wavespell is part of the larger cycle known as the White Castle, which represents a time of refining our intuition, deepening our understanding, and connecting with our spiritual nature. Throughout this Wavespell and the White Castle, our horizons will broaden as we connect with higher wisdom and step out of our comfort zones. Let's dive into a day-by-day forecast to help you understand and make the most of this transformative experience.

We are also switching to the planetary moon!

Each moon has a meaning and 4 stages of transformation, this week, we are finishing the cycle of a solar moon, which is helping us to find inspiration and propel ourselves into deep creation and manifesting of what we've been cultivating for the last couple of months.

in this last week of transformation, tune into what has matured in you through these last crazy weeks of transformation, what within you is ready to release and come to reality?

For this coming Planetary moon which will be part of April and May, get ready to see what you've been waiting for come to reality, trust the process and keep your faith up, follow your love for what you do and what you know is there waiting for you, as this moon and the wavespell of the skywalker is bringing it straight to you!

The next 13 days

Monday march 27, 2023

Day 1 - Red Skywalker (Magnetic): Unify

  • As the Wavespell begins, the Red Skywalker encourages us to expand, explore, and awaken. Embrace new experiences and open yourself to growth. Beware of the shadow side, which can manifest as a fear of change or rigid beliefs.

Day 2 - White Wizard (Lunar): Polarize

  • The White Wizard represents receptivity, enchantment, and timelessness. Trust your intuition and let life's magic unfold. The shadow side may involve manipulation or getting lost in illusions.

Day 3 - Blue Eagle (Electric): Activate

  • Connect with the Blue Eagle's gift of vision, creativity, and seeing the bigger picture by looking at life from a higher perspective and embracing your creative potential. The shadow side includes feeling overwhelmed by possibilities or ignoring crucial details.

Day 4 - Yellow Warrior (Self-Existing): Define

  • Embrace your inner warrior and seek wisdom and knowledge with the Yellow Warrior's intelligence, fearlessness, and quest for truth.

Day 5 - Red Earth (Overtone): Empower

  • The Red Earth symbolizes grounding, synchronicity, and navigating life's cycles. Practice mindfulness and pay attention to signs around you, finding balance between action and rest. The shadow side may involve feeling ungrounded, scattered, or disconnected from your surroundings.

Day 6 - White Mirror (Rhythmic): Balance

  • The White Mirror reflects truth, clarity, and endlessness. Focus on self-reflection and embrace honesty in all aspects of your life. The shadow side includes denial, distortion of reality, or a lack of self-awareness.

Day 7 - Blue Storm (Resonant): Attune

  • Embody the Blue Storm's transformation, self-generation, and energy of change by embracing change and trusting your ability to grow through challenges. The shadow side can manifest as resistance to change or feeling stuck in destructive patterns.

Day 8 - Yellow Sun (Galactic): Harmonize

  • Connect with the Yellow Sun's enlightenment, life force, and universal consciousness by focusing on your inner light and seeking spiritual growth. The shadow side involves spiritual arrogance, ego, or disconnection from your higher self.

Day 9 - Red Dragon (Solar): Pulse

  • Nurture yourself and others with the Red Dragon's energy of nurturing, the primordial mother, and the source of life. Embrace the power of creation and new beginnings. The shadow side involves feeling unsupported, overwhelmed by responsibilities, or neglecting self-care.

Day 10 - White Wind (Planetary): Manifest

  • The White Wind represents communication, inspiration, and the breath of life. Connect with this energy by expressing yourself authentically and listening to your soul's whispers. The shadow side may manifest as communication blocks, dishonesty, or feeling disconnected from your inner guidance.

Day 11 - Blue Night (Spectral): Dissolve

  • The Blue Night symbolizes dreams, intuition, and the realm of the unconscious. Benefit from this energy by exploring your dreams and inner world, and trusting your intuition to guide you. The shadow side includes feeling lost in fantasies, disconnection from reality, or ignoring your inner voice.

Day 12 - Yellow Seed (Crystal): Dedicate

  • The Yellow Seed represents growth, potential, and the power of intention. Focus on planting seeds of intention, nurturing your goals, and striving for personal growth. The shadow side may involve stagnation, lack of direction, or an inability to take action on your dreams.

Day 13 - Red Serpent (Cosmic): Transcend

  • The Red Serpent signifies life force, passion, and the transformative power of kundalini energy. Connect with this energy by embracing your passions and allowing the transformative power to elevate your

As we flow through the Wavespell of the Skywalker, let's tune into the unique energies and lessons that each day brings, while also staying attuned to the theme of refining our intuition, deepening our understanding, and connecting with our spiritual nature. By aligning with the energy of each day, we can use the transformative power of the Wavespell and the White Castle, overcome challenges, and ultimately achieve self-mastery and the fulfillment of our potential.

Remember, this Wavespell invites us to embrace our unique path, cultivate courage, and integrate the teachings of each step with the opportunity to grow and deepen our spiritual awakening. Stay open and receptive to the guidance that the universe has to offer within the White Castle, and trust your inner compass as you navigate this exciting journey.

Let the White Castle's energy support and uplift you as you refine your intuition and deepen your spiritual connection.

In times of uncertainty or doubt, remember that you have the power to tap into the profound guidance available during the White Castle. Trust yourself, trust the process, and believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Let me know what you think in the comments or on Instagram!!

Wishing you expansion, growth, and joy on your path.

With love,


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