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How to transcend doubt into possibility

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Life is a game where you choose whatever you live next. Sometimes things might look like they’re not moving where we want to but the truth is that they always are. Let’s say that you start living an unexpected situation where everything seems to be going the wrong way, and it is, not because of the circumstance, but the fact that you think the circumstance is not supposed to be there is making things hard and go the wrong way.

You have the power to shape your life into whatever you want no matter the situation, by switching your perspective from doubt into knowing that whatever is happening, is the perfect situation tailor made for you to bring opportunity into your life and start living knowing that you are in the right place at the right time.

When a new situation appears you start developing thoughts based on this new experience, this thoughts become what you believe to be true based on your perception of reality.

Let’s say that you start a new job, days go by and you keep telling yourself this is something that doesn't fit you, something that is driving you away from your goals.

This thoughts will determine the way you react to situations in your life, if your thoughts radiate lack, anger, fear, or any other negative emotion, well, your outcomes will be brought to reality based on this feelings, bringing in more doubt and you continue having a soul sucking job, living somewhere you don’t want, surrounded by people you don't like.

If you keep thinking that your life is a mess and things keep happening to you, you will keep living the same situation because this is what you believe to be true about your life.

But don't worry

There is a way to transform thoughts like lack, anger and fear into opportunity and live the best of this experiences. You always have the option to take off those fear sunglasses and see through the lenses of possibility instead.

Having goals is vital to be able to see opportunity in everything.

Like I mentioned before, if a new situation comes and you start thinking its not supposed to be there, you are focusing in what you don't have. When you allow yourself to accept whatever the situation is, from a point of love, a neutral place where no thoughts about the situation exists but the situation for what is, you open the doors to opportunity because you are open to the idea that this new experience will bring what you have in mind.

You will be living a situation you love, while bringing your goals to reality by just being where you are in that place doubt and fear disappear because you are knowing that this situation is perfect for what you want to bring to life.

Imagine you’re an artist and you are given a blank canvas made of a paper you’ve never used, you then think your creations will not be the same because the paper doesn't interact with the pencil in the same way you know. If you start drawing in this canvas and see mistakes everywhere, well you will come to hate your art.

But if instead you find that the paper is creating the perfect shapes for what you have in mind, all the opportunity is in front of you and all you have to do is create, creating is a state of being where thoughts are the only thing stopping you from bringing a masterpiece to life.

A new situation means new results, which will develop new ideas. This new ideas might just be the missing piece to what you’re truly looking for.

Growth is inevitable when you start believing that life always moves towards success, its a succession of events the perfect situations are present for you now to start exploring the possibility of bringing to reality the life you want to , made by your own design. So make a decision today, to shape your dreamed tomorrow.

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