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Love, the meaning we give it and how to love everyone

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

We tend to ask what is love and end up singing that old tune that comes to mind right away.

But seriously, what is love?

This is a question that I asked myself for the longest time while seeing how everyone had different meanings of it, for example, I used to confuse love with romance for the longest time and lived love as an association to something romantic, while some people in abusive relationships seem to understand an act of violence as love. This beliefs are created while we grow up and are implanted by our parents, society and our experiences, but at the end, its all a choice.

So hey, lets talk love.

In todays society it seems to not only be me, but when you meet someone amazing and say I love you, you end up being a weirdo or whatever story the other person wants to create about the situation. When in reality you do! You love every person already, and theres nothing wrong about it. In fact, love might be the only answer we need to not only create change in ourselves but create change in a universal scale.

When I started reading the book “be love now” by Ram Dass, I started really questioning the meaning of love, Ram Dass used to live with Mharaj ji, his guru, whom used to tell him to love everyone. For the longest time Ram Dass didn’t understand how can you love everyone, I mean, there’s abusers, liars, thiefs, murderers (I can go on and on) in the world, so how can you possibly love everyone?

Well, the answer Maharaj Ji always gave was “love everyone”, while Ram Dass was having some conflict with the concept, I mean there were people he could not love because of what they did… oh! He then had a realization he did love people, but he didn’t like their actions, this changes the whole scheme!

As I was reading through this book I read a phrase that helped me understand, a phrase I couldn’t have a grasp on at first and then changed my whole perspective about the world, The first moment I saw this phrase was in the book “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle. The phrase is “Love is a state of being”. if you’ve read this book Eckhart shows how the only thing we have is now, how the now is accepting whatever is happening in front of us, even if it doesnt make sense, because it just is. The moment we attach a thought to reality we are living in our head and we are out of the present moment.

That phrase left me intrigued for years, I tried to give it a meaning for the longest time one day as I was taking a shower having deep thoughts after reading the same phrase in “be love now”, it suddenly it hit me.

“Love is a state of being” can be translated to “love is the complete acceptance of what is” the only thing that exists is reality, the present moment without any thoughts or labels attached to it. that is love, at least for me, accepting whatever is in front of you without judging or labeling it, sometimes reality doesn’t even make sense I mean who said penguins cant fly? It just is what it is!

So how can you love everyone? Well, let me ask you, who are you without your personality? Without any label or story behind your being. You’re just being, a human being. And so is the rest of the world

So why do we fail to accept this? Why do we fail to just let things be and add a story to make sense of it when in reality it doesn’t? It just is.

That liar, that poser, that fake friend, that mother, that son. They are just in the same trip of life you are as you read this, trying to make sense of things, so why do we fail to love if we are all the same?

We fail to accept whatever is happening in reality and put the story of our life behind things, we attach our perception based on what we believe to be true and fall out of reality, we fall out of the present moment, failing to live the only thing that exists, the energy that created you ad that keeps living in eternity being the only thing you need, isn’t it like a cosmic joke? All that you need you are now and you fail to live it to become someone And there’s nothing wrong with it, it just is what it is, so be love now.

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