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The 4 keys to live an extraordinary life

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We all go through life trying to find new things that will help with our growth without realizing all those things are already here.

Maybe you're trying to look for a new job and think that the one you have now is not going to bring any growth to your life, when in reality that same job may carry all the opportunity and progress that you are looking for.

Seeing the opportunity in everything and changing the story you tell yourself and whatever is happening in your life will keep your mind open to new opportunities that might just change your life and set it in a course of action and fulfillment that you never imagined.

For this, you just need 4 key concepts, this 4 keys will help you see past problems while unfolding new ventures and opportunities and start creating the life you want.

Key #1

Be present

We all hear about presence and being present, but are you truly living presence?

Presence is being, the moment you start adding a story to whatever is happening in reality your results will be based on what you believe to be true about the situation, you create that story based on your perception of reality.

The present moment is all there is, any memory from the past is just as present as it arises in your mind, same for the future, time is just a tool to give meaning to what was, or what will be, if time wasn't an option you would still be living right now, at any moment in your life.

Are you present in your life or maybe you are following all the inner commentary that follows you everywhere and keeps trying to make sense of everything when reality doesn't even make sense, we assign a meaning to whatever is happening right now, that meaning will be the manifestation of everything we live, this brings me to the next key, Mindfulness.

key #2

Be mindful of what you think

When you are present you are giving your full attention to the moment, when you are mindful you become aware of whatever is happening in the now. Meditation is the best practice of mindfulness, meditation is only the contemplation and reflection of what is happening now, and life is a huge meditation practice.

When you become mindful of whatever is happening now you are able to notice thoughts that might be bringing stagnancy in life which carries that feeling of being stuck, thoughts are what we believe to be true about the past, and being mindful about our thoughts help us shape our reality, we can say that we are changing the past to create a better future.

key #3

Change your thoughts

When you notice your thoughts about situations and you notice those thoughts are not in alignment with who you want to be by observing them and not letting them guide you, you can explore them with curiosity and see the results they are creating in your life, ask yourself, how are those thoughts making you feel? what do you do when you feel that way?

The moment you start to notice how your thoughts are shaping who you are, you are able to take your power back and change them so you can consciously create what you want.

key #4

Consciously creating reality

Creating the future is living in the now while acting on who you want to become, Joe Dispenza says and I'm paraphrasing, to change your life you literally have to become somebody else, this means that not only your thoughts change, but also your feelings and actions, by being the person you want to become you are attracting the reality you want to live.

Create goals and move towards them without expecting reality to make sense, Goals become a focus point, so you can move towards your desired life with an intention instead of just floating around hoping for the best.

We all underestimate what we can accomplish for our long term goals or maybe are afraid of where we can go, but by realizing that your thoughts and the story you tell yourself is what is shaping how you feel, by being present and noticing your thoughts and changing them with love, you can then move into a new reality that you can shape, so don't be afraid to dream big and let your creativity flow wherever you want to go.

Its not about finding new pieces, its about putting together the ones you have, and we all have the right pieces available right now to start creating an extraordinary life.

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