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Move towards the things that make you high

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I'm here to give you a new perspective on life, moving towards the things that make you high.

When I talk about getting high I'm not necessarily implying taking mind-altering substances like psychedelics and cannabis, although I support them and I can see new perspectives they bring to life.

I like to think about getting high as being in a clear state of flow, where presence and clarity are increased, this usually happens when we are in a situation where we are loving what we do and time just becomes nonexistent, or when we are doing something that brings high adrenaline and we are brought to the present moment right away like sports or any activity that makes thought disappear.

This is why you don't usually feel high

thought is the creation of all existence and we usually experience thoughts in patterns, words carry creative energy that either helps us or works against us, this depends if the words are positive or negative. When our thought patterns contain positive words and phrases we will see those thoughts represented in the physical reality by situations and experiences that carry the same energy, this means that we are creating positive situations that help us live positive outcomes. The same thing happens with negative or neutral thoughts, we experience the energy of what we think. although the way we think is very important to create what we want to live constantly thinking drives us away from the present moment and we fail to experience the flow of just being.

How to get high

Clarity of mind comes from observation and nonjudgment of the present moment, if the things bringing you down are the thoughts about a situation, then the opposite becomes true as well, when you obtain clarity about a situation you get a sense of direction, imagine you don't know what you want to do as a career, you don't have clarity. When you observe your thoughts until you realize by just observing, you gain clarity and the momentum to take action. you can get high instantly by consciously finding a new perspective about the situation that will bring you back into the present moment, and now that there is more clear space more energy will flow towards you helping you reach a state of flow and feeling aligned with the best version of yourself.

The help of mind-altering substances

Psychedelics and cannabis are great allies in bringing clarity and flow, psilocybin helps you become an observer of the conscious mind, helping you become aware of the way you think, when you are aware of the way you think you can make conscious decisions of changing your thoughts to create new beliefs that will propel you to live a new reality, you will see what you think about who you are and make a conscious decision to change it and become someone new with the thoughts and results to create what you want to experience.

Cannabis does a similar thing, it helps you become an observer of your thoughts and acts as a guide to get out of patterns that keep bringing the same results into your life.

These mind-altering substances are great allies in the path of creating the reality you want to experience, it is important to note that their abuse can bring negative consequences and takes away the values they can bring into your life.

Becoming an open possibility.

When it comes to finding a state of flow and presence, some things create much thought, it could be not wanting to do something and telling ourselves that we don't like it, or either way, we don't like it and we try to convince ourselves that we do. Any of these examples is a big block of flow because of all the thought energy stuck in your mind, this eventually brings stagnancy and limitation.

When keeping an open mind and knowing that there is always something new to explore in each situation in the present moment, we are creating a new perspective that is focused on looking for something new, something that can bring you happiness or any other positive emotion by having positive thoughts about it. This will cause the outcomes to change because this openness helps thoughts flow and eventually bring opportunity, possibility, and eventually flow.

Moving toward the things that make you high is observing your current situation without judgment, noticing if your thoughts are keeping you stuck, or if they flow and help you stay present. When thinking positively about the things you do and having an open mind to a new experience, energy flows to bring clarity and opportunity to live a life of creating the situations you like. Keep being mindful of your thoughts in the present moment and notice what they are bringing into your life, and take a decision to change your perspective, maybe with the help of psychedelics to live a life by choice and design.

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