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Breaking Free from the Wrong Time Frequency: Discovering the 13:20 Harmonic

Updated: Mar 9

Have you ever felt like life is just out of sync? That things don't quite feel right or that you're struggling to find your place in the world? If so, you're not alone. Many people feel this way, and there's a reason for it. According to the theory of Jose Arguelles, we're living in the wrong time frequency.

You see, we live in a 12:60 frequency, which is based on an artificial measure of time that's disconnected from the natural rhythms of the universe. This frequency is brought by the calendar. When the calendar was created, its purpose was to find a way to have a "count" of the days to pay taxes and salary, the origin of the word calendar comes from the word "calendarium" which means "account book ". This creates a sense of disharmony and disconnection from the world around us, leading to stress, anxiety, and a general sense of unease.

But there's a way to change this. Jose Arguelles, a scholar, and visionary, explored deeply the concept of time, realizing this mismatch by studying the Mayan calendar and how they aligned their actions and lifestyle with the planets and constellations, more important, with time.

According to Arguelles based on what he learned from the ancient knowledge of the Mayans, by shifting to a frequency of time 13:20, which measures time in 13-day weeks and 20-day months. we can align ourselves with the natural rhythms of the universe and experience a sense of harmony, peace, and connection.

Just imagine a world, where everyone is in tune with themselves and the universe, living a harmonic life of synchronicity. This is where Tzolkin and the Mayan Birth Chart come in.

Tzolkin is the sacred Mayan "synchronary" that's based on the 13:20 frequency. It's a powerful tool for understanding the natural rhythms of the universe and aligning ourselves with them on the other hand, The Mayan Birth Chart, which is based on Tzolkin, is a personalized chart that provides insight into our unique life path, personality traits, and strengths.

By understanding the energy and symbolism of the Tzolkin and our Mayan Birth Chart, we can begin to shift our consciousness and our perception of time. This shift allows us to break free from the limitations of the 12:60 frequency and step into a new reality where we feel more connected, alive, and fulfilled and expand that connectedness and fulfillment with the rest of the world.

To make this shift, we can start by exploring Tzolkin and our Mayan Birth Chart. Taking some time to learn about the different energies and symbols and how they relate to our life. Using this knowledge to become more aware of our own natural rhythms and how we can align ourselves with them.

This is the key to finding harmony with the universe and shift to a frequency of time 13:20. With the help of Tzolkin and the Mayan Birth Chart, we can make this shift and experience a new level of connection, purpose, and fulfillment.

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