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Be a magician bring magic to others

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I got obsessed with David Blaine this week. The way he makes things appear out of the blue and even hold his breath underwater 17 mins, like...what??

There was a specific video where he cuts the edge of a $20 bill signed by Olivia Wilde, he then asks olivia to cut the corner of the bill and continues to put the split corner in his mouth and starts to chew and swallow the piece of paper.

As he shows Olivia how he actually swalloed by showing his empty mouth he grabs her hand as she is holding the other part of that $20 bill, he then procedes to bite the corner while olivia is still holding onto the bill and starts to do something that resembles chewing in reverse and the dollar goes back to its original state, unbroken and with the signature intact.

This made me wonder, can David Blaine actually change the matter of reality to make people think he is just making a trick? Probably not, but this is the fun in magic, you can choose to believe what you want about the trick, and you can be a magician too.

Let me show you how.

Reality as we perceive it is a succession of events, one thing happens after another and we tend to get trapped in the seriousness of a situation but forget to see that, like David Blaine, we can make reality whatever we want.


Your breath is your best friend, consciously breathing not only regulates your nervous system but it also helps bring more oxigen to the blood and give you more energy in the moment, when you hold the breath in you are increasing the levels of Co2, this helps the body relax and brings you into a meditative state where stress is reduced and you can see your thoughts more clear, by doing this, you can start to bring magic into the moment by letting your imagination flow.

Be intentional with whatever you want to happen next

Now you've found stillness with your breath and you can see your thoughts about the situation more clear, watch those thoughts drift away from whatever situation you're living right in that moment and find some silence, this is where you can start letting your imagination flow so you can choose what happens next and be intentional about it.

Learn the difference between a distraction and an intention

When David Blaine is performing a trick with cards, he ususally asks the audience what card they want to choose without him knowing what that card is, so he can then do something wild like sealing his mouth shut and appearing the card inside, the secret is, he might now know the card but he already knows what he wants to do by setting an intention for the trick and just flows with faith, the thought of knowing the trick will be successfull.

Imagine your intention is that card you chose, the card you want to appear, and your thoughts are the other cards, all of them are part of the trick, but once that intention is set your focus will be on it, aknowledging that the other cards are there, existing with everything. If you get distracted by the other cards and you start doubting the trick you lost your intention and the trick will likely fail.

At this point you are present, with the intention to create something magical, aknowledging your thoughts but focusing on that intention. its time to bring magic to life

Bring magic to life.

David Blaine held his breath underwater for 17.04 minutes, almost an entire Rick and Morty episode! He gave a Ted talk saying how his mind was pushing him to stop when he was about to reach the mark but his faith in his intention and in himself made him to keep going. Imagine all the fear and intense overwhelm of wanting to breathe but having such a big knowing that you will inevitably succeed, that is magic, Leaning into this faith, this knowing that the only thing that will stop the trick from coming to life is following a distraction.

Magic is bringing an intention to life, with the deep knowing that it will inevitably come true because the only thing preventing the trick to be brought into reality, is thinking it won't. Bring magic into your life because you have the power to do it, David Blaine has shown us that it's possible, so challenge yourself and be the best magician you can.

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