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10 steps to improve your creativty

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

We all carry creative energy, after all, we are human beings, we can make anything come to life, just look at those crazy movies and videogames, I mean Godzilla vs Kong? Sometimes we find blocks that prevent us from having a full expression of our creativity because we tend to think we don't know where it comes from or when, or maybe we don't even get started! Creativity comes from feeling and you can create anything you want, from a simple Instagram post, a best selling book or even the life of your dreams.

That's why I created this simple guide to boost your creativity, put you in a flow state of creation and start bringing your dreams to life.

Step #1

Be present

Creativity comes from the moment, all that we are looking for exists in the now, right now is the only thing that exists and its the place where creation occurs, sometimes we tend to look for creativity somewhere in our minds or think to much to get inspired but this not only creates burnout, it also blocks your creative flow by saturating the mind with thoughts, thinking means not being present. The key is to have the intention to create and be present then just let the creativity flow, this means that the right thought will show up at the right time unleashing your creative self.

Step #2

Be mindful of what you want to create:

Being mindful means being aware of what is present in reality, and when you want to bring something to reality it all starts with an intention that can go from "I want to draw something" to "I want a Porsche" creation doesn't have limits! That's why being mindful is important, to be a conscious creator and only allow ideas that will inspire you to take action towards your creation, this brings me to the next step.

Step #3

Consume content that inspires you:

Thoughts are as real as whatever you see in the physical reality, after all, your thoughts are what shapes your life, they are what we believe to be true. If you want to create something, first consume the information that will inspire you. If you consume information about what you want to create, your mind will be set to move towards thoughts that match the frequency of the content that you consumed, the mind always moves towards what its focused on, so be mindful of how you feed your mind.

Step #4

Use reference, and create something original

We create our thoughts based on what we believe to be true, if we think that an artist is amazing and has great creations that align with our intention or idea, we will be inspired by their creation to create something ourselves. Think about a music producer that decides to create a remix of an existing song. This doesn't mean that they are creating from a place of competence, or that they are stealing someone else's creation, it means that they are creating from a place of inspiration, after all, to become a pro we need to learn from a pro! So don't be afraid to try and use the same techniques and start using a base for creativity. Remember, always add YOU to the equation, at the end, a remix is not the same song.

Step #5

Go into a high vibe state:

You attract what you are, so if you want to attract amazing high vibe ideas you have to move into a higher vibration so you can match them, do things that will get you into a hyped and inspired state before your creative time, maybe its going for a walk in nature, skating, riding a bike or even listening to positive music, anything that brings a smile to your face will be the right answer.

Step #6

Have your tools ready for creation:

Whether you use an iPad, pen or paper or any other tool of creation, Have them handy where you can see them, not only to start creating right when the idea comes, but also to use it as a reminder to create. Your tools are one of the most important things for creativity because, how can you build a house without the tools? I mean its completely possible like those guys that build houses and Jacuzzis in the jungle with mud and rocks, but still mud and rocks are the perfect tool for that creation and its ready for them to use.

Step #7

take massive action:

Set a "creative time" in your schedule and take massive action. This means that you will follow through on your schedule, prioritize and create until the result is brought to life, this is awesome because you will inspire yourself to do more after seeing results each day! If you follow this steps and get into a high vibe state and consume the content that inspires creation you will live a joyful, high vibrational life full of what you love.

Step #8

Avoid distractions:

Like I mentioned in step #3 (consume content that inspires you) Whatever your mind is focused on, is where it will move. When your intention is set, you always know when you are not moving towards it, the perfect example is when we start mindlessly scrolling or binge watching random YouTube videos and even music! This distractors will move your mind to another focus point, a point that will only satisfy the pleasure of the moment instead of moving towards the long term rewards of creation. So be mindful of distractions and avoid them.

Step #9

Don't look for perfection:

Looking for perfection is trying to find an excuse to what you do, instead of just doing. Everything is perfect already, yet, we fail to see itbecause we label things good or bad, right or wrong, up or down, instead of admiring just what is. There are times in life when we find ourselves trying to find the perfect moment, or the perfect job, the perfect person, when in reality we don't have to look! Its already there you just have to keep moving towards it, create and put all the pieces together you literally build yourself up for your goal, this means failing, and getting up again and again so just create, and create, and create.

Imagine someone that creates puzzles, not build it, creating the design, they build each piece to fit somewhere in the whole creation, each piece is meant to be made in a way that when you put them all together it brings the desired outcome, when building the puzzle you don't look for new pieces, you work with the ones you already have. You know that the creation is already complete, it might take days to find the perfect piece that is hidden amongst others but at some point all of them fit together and everything makes sense and they give you the ultimate creation.

Step #10

Surround yourself with inspiring people:

Humans, like all the things in the universe carry a vibrational frequency, when we surround ourselves by people that tend to look for the bad, we are being unconsciously influenced by the way they think, maybe its the way they say things in a negative tone or maybe they carry anger with them, this negativity will tell your mind to focus on the negative because that's what you are observing by being with that person. The same applies with positive people that are in a high vibe, they will lift you up so not only you improve your happiness, but also creativity, so look for high vibe inspiring people.

Creativity is bringing your thoughts and ideas to life, we are all creative all the time, the fact that you're reading this means that you have an intention that aligns with this information. So be mindful of what you want to bring to life, be mindful of what you think and what you consume and never stop being a conscious creator, the life of your dreams is just a couple steps away and this guide will help you reach it while being happy and loving what is.

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