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Hey! Im Benja 

How did I get here?


I used to feel stuck not knowing where to go or what I wanted to do when I was finishing school as a digital artist with a deep knowing that there was something great for me out there and trippy ideas about life and how to build it, I kept looking for answers though I failed to see that everything was already within me.

As I found out with the help of psychedelic medicine, and amazing people that I could help people understand themselves and find harmony with the universe, I found my most creative self in the process and I'm living the most expressive and expansive life that I can live.

While I was creating content for instagram, writing for a magazine, designing concept art, finishing a thesis about how to interpret life and being a barista. I found out that life can be whatever you want and happiness, joy, freedom, ANYTHING, is a choice. 

My goal is that you can fall in love with life as well, and make it something meaningful


You can always reach out at:

(778) 238 0757

I love to hear from you!

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